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Heli-Saddles™ are standard equipment on the new TigerTugs!
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Tiger Tugs: The most modern & versatile transport tug on the market.

This high-quality tug provides a much safer, reliable, and affordable way to move your helicopter. Visit the Tiger Tugs web site for more information.

Tiger Tugs come with the ORIGINAL Heli-Saddle lifting points as standard equipment. Decide for yourself whether or not your aircraft investment deserves this industry standard - or a lesser-quality imitation.


Customers who have upgraded their Heliporters® and Tug-A-Lugs

Heliporters®, Tug-A-Lugs, and helicopter dollies throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East have been upgraded with the industry acclaimed Heli-Saddle™.

The following Flight and Maintenance Departments recognized the financial value of preventing ground transport damage and the associated costs of helicopter repair and the loss of flight revenue.

Some of our customers:

Send us an email so we can help your Flight & Maintenance Department with your upgrade, or call Dale Neubauer 541-647-3537.